Well stocked library with sufficient books boasts our student’s intellectual growth. Subscription to several periodicals & different National Dailies makes it the most loving, and favorite place of good readers. It houses a good collection of reference books, books for competitive entrance exams, encyclopedias, text-related books, and many more books of student interest & usage. The library is fully computerized which helps in faster literature retrieval and search.

Education’s Purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

English Lab

Skill in English speaking and listening are improved in the language lab.

Computer Lab

Richmondd Convent Campus features well-designed computer lab with multimedia computers, Internet access & Printers.

School Clinic

Making sure that students are healthy on body and mind is an important part of ensuring their and academic success. Richmondd has a campus clinic with a specialized nurse to address students’ physical ailment and is in tie with reputed hospitals for the visits of doctors to hold regular health check- ups and conduct seminar and lectures to promote health.

Talent Areas

Music, Dance, Drama, Art & Craft form an integral part of school curriculum. Well equipped rooms for these arts stimulate and home students/ interest and talent on the chosen areas. Training in vocal & Instrument music, and classical, folk and Western dances is given under the guidance of experienced teachers. Students get to unleash their creativity in art and craft in the art & Craft rooms well equipped with easels, drawing boards seeking guidance & ideas from their creative and qualified Art teachers.

The Smart E-Classes

Modern and Hi-Tech classrooms are providing easy and practical methods of learning through latest technology including interactive boards.

LCD projectors uploaded with latest software.


Extensive practical experience to supplements the theories learnt in the classrooms.

For ensuring better learning experience the students of Richmondd get the platform to discover new horizons as the school has separate laboratories including Chemistry Lab, Bio Lab, Physics Lab, Maths Lab, Social Science Lab, English Language Lab and Commerce Lab wherein the students are trained and polished under facilitator’s supervision.

Basket Ball Courts

There is a basket ball courts made of concrete.


The school has a concrete pitch. It has also a center grass pitch for playing matches.

Outdoor/Indoor Games

Why Richmondd Convent School ?

Richmondd kindergarten is heart of the school. A nurturing home away from home. We take with pride and delight, The fast tender steps of Tiny tots into the world of Education and learning Richmondd Kindergarten is a child Friendly, safe, hygienic, Purposefully, built and Beautifully designed And equipped school. Inside is an environment made With love, care, and support Where children experience The joy of learning.

School Address:-

Richmondd Convent School
Dharam Singh Nagar Manwal Bagh, Pathankot
Mobile: +919592584777, +919592585777
Email: richmonddconvent@gmail.com
Website: www.richmonddconventschool.com