Admission Rules

The admission to the school is from Nursery onwards. The new sessions start from the 1st week of April.

For Other Classes

Admission to their classes is subject to the availability of seats. The student will be placed in the standard most suited to his attainments as assessed by the Principal. Students migrating from other schools need to produce their duly countersigned transfer and migration certificates and progress reports of the previous class at the time of admission.

Why Richmondd Convent School ?

Richmondd kindergarten is heart of the school. A nurturing home away from home. We take with pride and delight, The fast tender steps of Tiny tots into the world of Education and learning Richmondd Kindergarten is a child Friendly, safe, hygienic, Purposefully, built and Beautifully designed And equipped school. Inside is an environment made With love, care, and support Where children experience The joy of learning.

School Address:-

Richmondd Convent School
Dharam Singh Nagar Manwal Bagh, Pathankot
Mobile: +919592584777, +919592585777